fabrica-de-implantes-dentalesDENTIN is a world leader in OEM manufacturing of full dental implant and restoration systems according to client specifications.
DENTIN With its extensive and sophisticated engineering capability provides a strong platform for engineering and manufacturing current and newly emerging, designs.
DENTIN offering high quality products, quick response time and very competitive pricing.
DENTIN develops manufactures, assembles and packages entire product lines of implants and components in accordance with international standards.
DENTIN designs, develops, manufactures and markets an advanced comprehensive range of dental implants.
DENTIN’s engineers are committed to continuous research and development of new and progressive products and technologies for the global dental implantation field. Laboratory and field studies in the areas of tissue culture and tissue engineering are conducted jointly with prestigious dental laboratories and university dental schools. The resulting innovations in the field of dental implants and superstructures are reported in the DENTIN News and subsequently passed on to our customers.
DENTIN employees receive ongoing, specialized training, enabling DENTIN to maintain its reputation for consistently offering high quality products. In order to provide the best customer service, and to ensure an immediate response to every customer demand.
The DENTIN manufacturing plant operates in conformity with ISO Standard 2001, and with ISO 13485 (medical). To increase the production and improve the capability of producing and processing, our company uses a range of high-precision and high-automatization, mutli-functional grinding and processing Swiss type machines (STAR Machines).

DENTIN Implants is an established manufacturer and supplier of internationally recognized integrated systems and products for oral implantology and restorative dentistry
We are dedicated to using biocompatible materials, achieving excellent manufacturing quality, and consistent quality control of our products for the safety of patients, dentists, and dental technicians. A important feature of DENTIN products is their ease of handling and satisfaction of the most stringent esthetic demands.
The quality and safety standards of DENTIN products are always in full compliance with the latest scientific research and with all international standards.